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LSA 2022 Lisbon Special Events

During LSA Lisbon 2022 CRN6 will be organizing two events outside of the official conference proceedings.

The first event will be a "Day of Dialogue" with the European Sex Workers Rights Alliance (ESWA) and three Portuguese sex worker outreach organizations (MTS, GAT, & APDES). This workshop on Wednesday July 13th and will begin at 4pm and end at 7pm to be followed by drinks and further socializing afterwards. the event will be co-hosted by ESWA and UMAR, a Portuguese feminist organization, who will lend their space for the event at: 
R. Cozinha Económica 30M e 30N, 1300-149 Lisboa, Portugal (this address is still being verified)

Working Itinerary:
4:00 Welcome and introductions
4:15 Intro by UMAR on history of UMAR and inclusion of sex workers
4:30 Brief presentation ESWA's work, key developments in Europe and their ongoing and upcoming collaborative work with researchers
4:45 Brief presentation by MTS, GAT, APDES on development re: sex workers' rights and law reform in Portugal.
5:00 Discussion
7:00 Close and Drinks

The Second event will be a fundraiser dinner for MTS, a sex worker led advocacy organization based in Lisbon. This dinner will be held Friday Evening after the last CRN6 panel at a local restaurant where we will meet to socialize and also encourage members to donate to MTS. We will also share information about how to donate to MTS online for members who are not able to attend. The location is still being determined but we will likely be meeting around 7:30pm to 9pm (or later) Friday night. Details about the exact time and location will be shared once they are finalized.

If you will be in Lisbon for LSA 2022 and would like to attend one or both of these events, please RSVP using this form so that we know how many people to expect and so we can update you with details.

If you have any questions please contact Alex Nelson using WhatsApp 1-702-235-2477 or via email

To RSVP for either of these events please CLICK HERE

CRN 6 Panel Schedule for LSA 2022



4:00-7:00 PM

R. Cozinha Económica 30M e 30N, 1300-149 Lisboa, Portugal

Day of Dialogue with the European Sex Worker Rights Alliance and Portuguese Sex Worker Outreach Organizations

(This is not an official conference event and will not be found in the LSA program)

Click Here to RSVP for the Day of Dialogue


2:45-4:30 PM

(9:45 AM EDT)

Virtual Session

Inequitable Advocacy: Race and U.S. Sex Worker Rights Movement 

Paper within the session: 

Work in Crisis

Times listed in UTC +00:00 Lisbon time unless otherwise noted



10:15-12:00 AM

(Sedas Nunes, 2E.06)
Troubling Carceral Approaches to Regulating Sex Work

12:45-2:30 PM

(Sedas Nunes, 1E.04)
Internet Platforms & Intimate Labor

2:45-4:30 PM

(Sedas Nunes, 1E.04)
Law, Sex, Work: Comparing New Zealand, Canada and the US



2:45-4:30 PM

(Sedas Nunes, 1E.04)

Sociolegal Perspectives on Sex, Work, & Equity

4:45–6:30 PM

(Sedas Nunes, 1E.04)
The Political Economy of Pleasure: Sex Work Research & Policy

4:45–6:30 PM 

(11:45 AM EDT)
Virtual Session

Effects of regulating "at risk" behaviours and identities, On and Offline

~7:30-9:00 PM /TBA

Location TDB

CRN6 Fundraiser Dinner and Social for MTS (Local Sex Worker led Organization)

Click Here to RSVP for the Fundraiser Dinner



No CRN6 Panels or Events

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