Dr. Hayli Millar

Associate Professor

Hayli Millar holds postgraduate degrees in criminology (M.A.) and law (Ph.D.) and has lived, worked and conducted research in several countries, including as a consultant to the United Nations in Jordan and as a gender and development specialist for the Asian Development Bank in the Philippines. She specializes in critical and comparative socio-legal research and human rights and evidence-informed criminal justice policy. She has worked on domestic and international research projects on alternative dispute resolution, transitional (post-conflict) justice, gender, migration and human trafficking with a view to improving access to justice for members of oppressed and marginalized communities. She has published several technical reports and peer-reviewed academic chapters and articles. Her current research focuses on Canadian legislative expansionism and the convergence of anti-trafficking with commercial sex work, alongside the legal and human rights implications of what appears to be the racialized, gendered and sensationalized enforcement of domestic criminal and immigration anti-trafficking laws.